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Broward County GIS Users Group

Future & Past Meetings

***The last Wednesday of every month***
From 2002 To 1997
2:30 p.m.
Government Center
115 S. Andrews Avenue, Room 301
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

For more information on this forum contact:
Vicki Morrow (, Senior Planner - GIS
Broward County GIS Users Group Coordinator

PLEASE NOTE: Effective January 2002, the Broward County GIS Users Group Meetings will be held on the last Wednesday of the each month at 2:30 p.m.

2002 Meetings

1/29/2002 Tom Murphy, Woolpert LLP, "Migration Issues in ArcGIS"
2/27/2002 Bonnie Brant, Florida International University, "Training: Geographic Information Systems Workshop Series"
3/27/2002 Goodliffe Nmekini, Miami-Dade County DERM, "Environmental GIS - DERM"
4/24/2002 Alexander Rodriguez, Florida Dept. of Transportation, "GIS Operations at the Florida DOT"
5/29/2002 Trimble GPS Demo, "GPS - Cutting Edge Technology"
6/26/2002 Thomas Moore, Broward County School Board, "Using GIS at the School Board"
7/31/2002 Blake Burns, EarthData, "Intelligent Base Maps"
8/28/2002 Robert Humple, Broward County GIS, "Broward GIS, State of the System"
9/25/2002 Raina Giddings, Oracle Corporation, "Oracle and GIS - Future Directions"
10/30/2001 James Cameron, South Florida Water Management District,"GIS at SFWMD"
11/27/2001 Josephine Rudd, Solid Waste Authority of Palm Beach County, "Debris Management Planning Tools"
12/25/2001 No Meeting Scheduled. Happy Holidays!

2001 Meetings

11/27/2001 Gabriel F. Carballo, EarthData, GIS Project Manager, presented "How ArcIMS and ArcSDE Fit Into Today's Vision of an Enterprise IT/GIS Strategy," identifying the patterns of GIS technology converging into the IT mainstream and discussed how requirements imposed on current geographic servers will impact and support full enterprise-wide GIS implementations, including a look at the roles of ArcSDE and ArcIMS for the future.
10/30/2001 Ileana Cea, Senior GIS Analyst, Miami-Dade County Information Technology Dept., gave a fascinating overview of "GIS in Miami-Dade County," from the history and inception of GIS in Miami-Dade to future plans to complete the move to ArcGIS and internet access to GIS applications. Of particular interest was the way many of Miami-Dade's departments successfully integrate GIS in everyday government operations.
9/25/2001 Diana Umpierre, PBS&J, described the Turnpike Asset Management System (TAMS) project's challenges and successes. When completed, this project will provide a comprehensive inventory of the Turnpike's fixed assets, their condition, predicted time to renewal and replacement, and support budget development.
8/28/2001 Bob Hamilton,Palm Beach County Parks and Recreation Dept., spoke about Mapping Exotic Vegetation in the Palm Beach County Park System. During the summer of 1999, the Palm Beach County Parks and Recreation Department undertook a project in coordination with Florida Atlantic University's Dept. of Geography to map and analyze all exotic vegetation within the County park system. Over the course of three months the project cataloged over 600 acres of invasive exotic species with the assistance of various remote sensing and GIS software packages.
7/31/2001 Vicki Morrow, Planning Services Division & Jill Young, Development Management Division, presented Broward County's Urban Tree Canopy Mapping Project. The presentation outlined the process used to map trees from aerial photography and discussed the challenges and the successes involved in this project.
6/26/2001 No meeting scheduled. ESRI International GIS Conference, San Diego,California. July 13-17
5/29/2001 Steve Uhrick, Office of Environmental Services, demonstated OES's Water Sewer Facilities GIS Viewer, developed in-house to meet water and sewer management needs.
05/9/2001 SPECIAL MEETING: ArcPad Demo and RiverWalk Walking Field Trip
Rob Hoffman, ESRI,, demonstrated how ArcPad can be combined with GPS to simplify field data collection. Afterward, the entire group trouped to RiverWalk, taking turns using the ArcPad and gathering GPS points directly into ArcPad.
04/24/2001 Imagery Worth a Thousand Words
Peter Gottfried, GIS Analyst,, demonstrated Space Imaging's one-meter resolution satellite imagery. Space Imaging launched the world's first one-meter resolution comercial imaging satellite, IKONOS, on September 24, 1999. According to Space Imaging, this type of data will lead the growth of a new global Earth information industry, which will use map-accurate and information-rich imagery to revolutionize the way people conduct business.
03/24/2001 GIS: Gendered Information Systems
Regina Hagger, City of Boynton Beach GIS Coordinator,, led a discussion on the genderfication of GIS and its implications for the future. "Geographic Information Systems, Information Technology, the Internet, and e-commerce. These are the high-tech, cutting edge technologies of the new millenium. Consider that the spaces we live and work in are gendered - the gym, the country club, and the day care center. Professions are also gendered - nursing, social work, geography, engineering, teaching, professional sports, auto mechanics and information technology. We will explore the gender ratios of GIS jobs nation-wide, as well as in our own geographical area." (Regina Hagger)
02/27/2001 Enterprise-Wide GIS 2001 and Beyond
David Holstock and Robin J. Hoban, Geographic Technologies Group, Inc., presented the seven critical steps that must be addressed in order to move GIS to the entire organization. GTG has studied more than 400 GIS implementations worldwide and shared examples of GIS Enterprise-wide examples from around the United States.
01/30/2001 Loxhatchee Bioregional and Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie Greenways Strategies
Frank J. Conkling, President, Panda Consulting, presented GIS applications allowing for the interactive design and evaluation of conservation greenways through a 500,000 acre study area in Northern Palm Beach/Southern Martin County and within the former Joliet Arsenal Site, now called the Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie, utilizing vector and raster data models and sophisticated spatial modeling techniques.

2000 Meetings

12/26/2000 No meeting. Happy Holidays!
11/28/2000 Kissimmee River Restoration Project
Chris Carlson, Senior Geographer, South Florida Water Management District, provided an overview of the data management strategy for the Kissimmee River restoration evaluation program and a status on application development to support access and use of restoration program data.
10/31/2000 No meeting scheduled. Users are encouraged to attend the South Florida GIS Expo held this year at the Deerfield Beach Hilton on October 5th & 6th.
9/26/2000 GIS Information Policies
Penny Anderson, of the Countywide GIS Coordination for Palm Beach County, presented Palm Beach County's GIS Information Policy, which is an innoviative plan to recoup some of the county's expenditures in the creation and maintenance of GIS data.
8/29/2000 Boca Raton's Enterprise-wide ArcView/MapObjects Casual User Interface
Sean McGinn, GIS Coordinator for the City of Boca Raton, presented a demonstration of the Boca Raton's first enterprise-wide ArcView Casual User Interface and Intranet application, including the methodology behind serving applications through the internal network utilizing MapObjects IMS for general access and a custom ArcView project for the more demanding users. Applications include the integration of a cogo-entered parcel map, digital ortho photos, planametric data and databases including property assessed values, water consumption by parcel and crime statistics. Automated navigation tools, buffering of parcels for zoning variances, thematic mapping of assessment value change across years and water consumption will all be included in the demonstration. System architecture includes the integration of Oracle 8I, ESRI's SDE, ArcView, Map Objects IMS and statistical information from an IBM AS400 running HTE's land parcel management.
7/25/2000 Training, training, and more training...
This month's meeting concentrated on available training opportunties in the South Florida area. They range from online opportunties to full college curriculums. Come and find your opportunity. Two of our guest speakers will be:

Scott Burton, Florida Atlantic University, presented the Distance On-Line Learning Initiative (DOLI) educational GIS/planning training program at FAU.


Dr. John Harlan, FAU Boca campus, discussed the new certificate program at FAU's Dept. of Geography and Geology, an alternative to the department's semester-long GIS courses.

6/27/2000 No meeting scheduled. ESRI International GIS Conference, San Diego, California.
5/30/2000 Project Impact Community Challenge Grant Program
Glenn Margolis, Grants Coordinator discussed how Broward County was selected by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) as the first Project Impact Community in September 1997. This designation recognized Broward's commitment to developing and implementing a local mitigation strategy, which identifies the community's vulnerability to various hazards prior to an impact and prescribes actions to minimize potential damages. In support of FEMA's program, ESRI developed the Project Impact Community Challenge Grant to foster and support the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology by communities as a tool for implementing disaster resistance. Broward County was one of four communities nationwide to be awarded this grant.
4/25/2000 CATS: Consequence Assessment Tool Set
Paul Claussen, of SAIC demonstrated CATS, the Consequence Assessment Tool Set. CATS is a GIS-based application for emergency planning and response, based on ESRI's ArcView and Spatial Analyst products.

CATS provides a comprehensive package of natural and technological hazard prediction models, and casualty and damage assessment tools. It also accepts real-time weather data from local meteorological stations. CATS is supplied with over 150 databases and map layers. These include the location of resources to support response to specific hazards, infrastructure and facilities, a variety of population breakouts and much more. It also offers users the opportunity to add their own data bases for custom analysis.

The CATS demonstration covered basic CATS functionality, use of CATS during a typical emergency event, addition of user-supplied data, and dealing with UTM and state plane projections.

3/28/2000 Urban Landuse Allocation Model and GIS
Mike Brown, President of Transportation Planning Services, demonstrated the land use visualization component of ULAM. This ArcView project is designed to assist in developing and editing input data sets required by the model. A number of templates are available to compare and evaluate the results of the allocation process. Future templates are being developed for specific land use planning applications, like evaluating concurrency restrictions.
2/29/2000 Map Server Internet Applications
Bob Humple, Broward County, Department of Planning and Environmental Protection, Environmental Monitoring Division, will demonstrate the capabilities of Map Objects and Internet Mapping, presenting applications highlighting flood zones, well-field protection zones, and contaminated site locations via the Web.
1/25/2000 County-Wide Surface Water Management GIS
Francis Henderson, Water Resources Manager, Broward County OES Water Management Division, will be demonstrating the County's Water Surface Management GIS application to manage the surface water of more than 25 water control districts and municipalities. This application was developed to maximize and protect the beneficial uses of the water resources of Broward County through a countywide integrated water resources plan. This application came about as a cooperative effort between the Broward County Department of Planning and Environmental Protection (DPEP) and the Office of Environmental Services Water Management Division, and South Florida Water Management District.

1999 Meetings

12/28/1999 No meeting. Happy Holidays!
11/30/1999 Jeremy Conner, 3001, presented a LIDAR demonstration.
10/26/1999 No meeting scheduled. South Florida GIS Expo at Sugar Sand Park, Boca Raton, Florida.
9/28/1999 John McHenry, presented information on Census 2000.
8/31/1999 Bill Payne, Broward County Engineering Division, presented base map construction with surveying data and GPS.
7/27/1999 No meeting scheduled. ESRI International GIS Conference, San Diego, California.
6/29/1999 Trevor Feagin, GIS Specialist for the city of Tamarac, presented the GIS development for the utility structure for Tamarac, FL. Additional speaker was John Marchetti, Acting GIS Director for ADR, Inc, who developed Tamarac's database design for the utility thematic layers.
5/25/1999 Scott Burton, Florida Atlantic University, discussed GIS training at FAU.
4/27/1999 Judy Sarver, Director of Public Information/Graphics Public Communications Office, Lina Kulilowski, Transportation Division presented how to put your maps on the internet.
3/30/1999 Scott Burton,Florida Atlantic University, presented an update on the City of Fort Lauderdale's GIS Plan.
2/23/1999 GIS EXPO 1998 Committee members presented plans for this year's EXPO and invited all interested parties to participate. The committee provided free pizza to all guests.
1/26/1999 Organizational meeting to plan strategy for 1999 meetings. Guest speaker, Scott Burton, Florida Atlantic University, handed out a GIS survey and talked about plans for a new South Florida Regional GIS Users Group.

1998 Meetings

12/29/1998 No meeting. Happy Holidays!
11/24/1998 Soon to be updated.
10/27/1998 A Multitude of Topics: Municipal GIS Users Group (Trevor Feagin, City of Tamarac GIS Specialist), GIS EXPO participation (David Becker, Planning Information Technology Division), GIS Certification at Broward Community College (Fran Henderson, Office of Environmental Services GIS Manager).
9/29/1998 Work and Gain Economic Self-Sufficiency (WAGES) GIS Applications. Vicki Morrow and Jill Young.
8/25/1998 Digital Ortho Quad Photography. Dr. Charles Roberts, Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton Campus.
7/28/1998 Soon to be updated.
6/30/1998 No meeting due to ESRI Conference.
5/26/1998 GIS Applications in Emergency Management. Ed Biggs, Senior Geographer, Emergency Management Division of South Florida Water Management District, presented the Emergency Management Atlas for Broward County.
4/28/1998 Hurricane Evacuation and Assessment GIS (HEAGIS). Jill Young, Comprehensive and Neighborhood Planning Division.
3/31/1998 Soon to be updated.
2/24/1998 Setting up a GIS EXPO. Penny L. Anderson, Countywide GIS Coordination for Palm Beach County, Christine Benkly, GIS Project Management Team Leader (Palm Beach County), and Ann Skakandy, Chair, Countywide GIS Forum (Palm Beach County).
1/27/1998 Soon to be updated.

1997 Meetings

12/30/1997 No meeting. Happy Holidays!
11/25/1997 Programming ArcView for Use by Managers. (John Horne, Office of Environmental Services, gave an overview of simplifying ArcView for use by management for simple mapping.
10/28/1997 Scott Burton, Florida Atlantic University, discussed the obstacles overcome in the Fort Lauderdale base map creation.
9/30/1997 Field Trip to the Broward County 911-Emergency System. Capt. Paul Luria and Commander John Seamans explained an overview of the 911 system. Richard Fletcher, Planning Information Technology Division, presented the creation and use of the 911-Emergency Database. Lynn Molitor gave a tour of the 911 Emergency Facilities.
8/26/1997 Using TINs. Fran Henderson, Office of Environmental Services, demonstrated using TINs to map beach erosion, elevation and ground water mapping.
8/15/1997 Field Trip to the Broward County Emergency Operations Center.
7/29/1997 Michael Rose, South Florida Water Management District, demonstrated and discussed the planning of the new SFWMD Existing Land Use Database.
6/30/1997 V-Sat Van. Jesse Day, PBS&J, showed how his company uses GPS mounted in a van to take coordinates of facilities, such as signs, signals, etc.
6/3/1997 GIS Career Track in Broward County. Phil Rosenberg, Director of Human Resources, will give a status report on the GIS career track.
4/29/1997 Accessing GIS coverages via the Internet. Hot GIS Websites. Fran Henderson, Office of Environmental Services.
3/25/1997 GIS Syndromes: a quasi-humorous look at the pitfalls of GIS. Dr. Shih-Lung Shaw, Florida Atlantic University.

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