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Broward County GIS Users Group

Conference Links
GIS Links

What is GIS?

Conference Links

Date - 2002 Conference Name Location
February 6 - 8 GIS From the Ground Up Greenville, SC
March 17 - 20 GITA Annual Conference 25 Tampa, FL
March 19 - 23 Association of American Geographers Los Angeles, CA
April 7 - 10 Integrating GIS & CAMA Reno, NV
April 13 - 17 APA National Conference Chicago, IL
April 22 - 26 2002 ASPRS-ACSM Annual Conference and GIS XXII Congress Washington, DC
May 8 - 10 Florida Joint Mapping Conference Jacksonville, FL
June 10 - 12 GeoSpatial World - Integraph Atlanta, GA
June 19 - 20 IT/GIS in Public Works Pittsburgh, PA
July 7 - 12 2002 ESRI User's Conference San Diego, CA
August 11 - 13 Street Smart and Address Savvy Conference Portland, OR
September 25 - 28 GIScience 2002 - Second International Conference on GIS Boulder, CO
October 3 - 4 South Florida GIS EXPO West Palm Beach, FL
October 26 - 30 URISA 2002 Chicago, IL
November 14 - 15 "Integrating GIS Into Our Communities," Seven Hills Regional Usergroup for GIS (SHRUG)North Florida GIS Conference Tallahassee, FL
November 20 GIS Day 2002 (n/a)

PLEASE NOTE: Effective January 2002, the Broward County GIS Users Group Meetings will be held on the last Wednesday of the each month at 2:30 p.m.

GIS Links

American Association of Geographers A scientific and educational society founded in 1904
American Society for Photogrammetry & Remote Sensing (ASPRS) Advancement of GIS & Spatial Technology
Broward County Maps & More GIS, CAD, DATA, Maps, Air Photography
ERDAS Remote Sensing Software
ESRI GIS & Industry Software
ESRI Virtual Campus Online Training (try out the free modules!)
GeoInfo Systems GIS & Spatial Trends Magazine Multifaceted Resource
GIS Jobs Clearinghouse Available Jobs More Jobs
Geojobs Source Lots More Jobs
Fort Lauderdale, Florida City of Fort Lauderdale's GIS Web Link
Florida Atlantic University GIS -Boca Raton Who, What, When, Where and Why
Florida Atlantic University GIS - Fort Lauderdale Who, What, When, Where and Why
Florida Data Directory A digital library of Florida's geographic information assets.
Florida Department of Environmental Protection GIS National, Southeastern US, Florida GIS data and links.
Florida Fish and Wildlife Game Commission Fish & Game Commission GIS Data Layers
Florida Fish and Wildlife Game Commission Florida Marine Research Institute GIS Mapping
Florida Geographic Information Board GIS Source Point
Florida International University GIS Who, What, When, Where and Why
GeoWorld Magazine 1999 Maps
Land Boundary Information Systems GIS data & information
Martin County GIS Who, What, When, Where and Why
Miami-Dade GIS Who, What, When, Where and Why
North American Cartographic Society Founded in 1980
Palm Beach County GIS Forum 1999 Maps
Palm Beach County Schools 1999 Maps
Seminole County GIS Who, What, When, Where and Why
South Florida GIS Expo Local Yearly GIS Exposition
South Florida Regional Planning Council Urban Planning & GIS
South Florida Water Management District Main Page of Information & Links
University of Florida Geoplan 1999 Maps
Urban and Regional Information Systems Association (URISA) Main Page
URISA -- Florida Chapter 1999 Maps
USGS Global Land Information Systems GIS data available

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